Poetry to inspire

The presence of a poem is like a promise, the substance of something hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.

It can often take just one line of poetry to open up a coaching conversation and take it in a different direction.

Poetry has long since been a friend that has travelled with me, favourite poets walking on the other side of me each day as friends and companions, tucked in travel bags or hidden in corners of a well worn wallet.

I use poetry to inform and shape Brightside coaching and to ignite the imagination of those with whom I work.

Poetry helps us rediscover for ourselves a part of the world, however small, that we already know. And then, somehow, it sets us on another course.

David Campbell,  The Socially Constructed Organization

After 7 years apprenticed to listening to the poetry of David Whyte at thrice yearly Salons in the English Cotswolds, I ventured from hiding behind the curtain of my own poetic desire to publish a first slim volume of poetry, Golden Threads, in autumn 2011. New poems will appear here on the website.