What clients say about Brightside Coaching Leadership and Development.

Every Brightside coaching conversation includes feedback at its core.  Whether it is traditional 360 feedback using an Appreciative Inquiry framework, or regular and sustained feedback based on what Georgina observes in an individual or team, feeback forms the back bone of Brightside’s practice.

Every system is based upon and sustained by a complex web of visible and invisible feedback loops.  Observing the dynamic patterns of a systemic web – and knowing that the smallest change can become

‘ the difference that makes a difference’

Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind

to an individual or to a team, is core to Brightside work. Bateson’s central question, ‘what is the difference that makes a difference?’ creates a choreography for our coaching conversations.

Learning how to give and receive positive, affirming and constructively challenging feedback plays a significant part of any Brightside coaching intervention.

Click on the link to view the short film of John Bonney (Founder and Director of Alchemy Management Solutions and formerly Chief Officer of Hampshire Fire Service) reflecting on his strategic leadership coaching journey with Georgina.

The quotes below are a sample of some of the recent feedback received from our clients.