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In the velocity of today’s market place – whether that be in the corporate arena, or in the social, charity or public sectors – leaders need, more than ever, a place where they can stop, step back, reflect and think strategically about the complex webs in which they’re operating day to day.

Leading an organisation is at once a compelling and complex task.  Managing the multifaceted relationships in any team and within the wider web of the systems in which they operate, as well as managing relationships with stakeholders, customers or clients, takes time and stamina.

Leaders of teams and organisations turn to Brightside when they are stuck on the horns of a dilemma, often to do with how to engage and unleash the potential of their people, or to mobilise the intelligence of their teams so that a specific strategy can be achieved.

It is then Georgina’s role is to walk alongside leaders and their teams for a specific period of time – to enable them to make sense and meaning of the day to day operations of their organisations and understand how to work with the granularity of resistance that inevitably arises during any intervention for strategic change.

Brightside coaching and facilitation offers its clients strong support and incisive challenge, especially during times of transition or turbulence.

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