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Brightside has been providing Coaching, Leadership and Development services since 1997.

Brightside offers systemic coaching with leaders and their teams; we facilitate team conversations (especially when those conversations may have come to a full stop); we work long term with clients because we have learnt that quick fix solutions to complex organisational issues do not normally last for long. We can also facilitate large scale conversations with multiple teams; design and implement leadership programmes which include 360 feedback and DiSC communication style profiles.


Systemic coaching with Leaders

Brightside offers 1:1 leadership coaching alongside facilitated team conversations, to assist leaders to pool their resources and collective talents, to work in partnership imaginatively and collaboratively, to achieve a particular strategy or vision.

Spheres of a Systemic Web: Which interconnect and need to be in constant communication

Exec Team facilitation

Teams normally meet on a monthly to quarterly basis, for one year to 18-months, with a view to accomplishing specific goals and objectives in a creative and safe space.  During and after the coaching, leaders return to the heat of their particular workplaces, to practise new ways of thinking, being, and engaging, while they perform.  Learning is integrated into their day to day performance.

Long term change

The consistency of the coaching – stopping en route to think about what is being learnt and to practise particular skills – ensures that long term change, rather than short term shifts in behaviour, is embedded at both individual and team level.

Large scale conversations

Using Appreciative Inquiry, Brightside also facilitates larger scale conversations in organisations which are seeking to implement systemic change and transformation.  It also has a wealth of experience in the design, implementation and delivery of strategic leadership programmes.

Communication Tools and 360 Feedback

We use DiSC workplace communication profiles to help teams understand one another’s personal strengths and their group culture.
We use Appreciative Inquiry and IPA models for 360 feedback processes which are tailor made to suit each client organisation.

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