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How important is Leadership Coaching and Facilitation to you and your organisation?

For CEO’s, the top leadership role can isolate them from the pulse of the day to day heartbeat of their organisations.  A new CEO needs time to take the temperature and think strategically but, in reality, has little time to stop and do this.  Coaching gives her/him a rigorous opportunity to take regular time out away from the fray.

Coaching offers a CEO time to think and construct the vision, set the tone and share the narrative they want to communicate.  Thinking out loud with a trusted coach who is seasoned in walking on the other side of leaders, carrying a cup of support and a sword of challenge, can prove invaluable.

The regular rigour and rhythm of coaching conversations can ensure a CEO, with their team, keeps focused on the big picture whilst continuing to learn and develop – both as a human being and as leader.

Who are you?  With whom do you relate?  How do you engage and what do you evoke in others? These are key questions to which a leader must persistently pay attention.

No man or woman is an island and no one can achieve anything on their own.  Any corporate achievement is fuelled by a team.   Team coaching and facilitation forges strong, resilient and confident relationships – well able to handle conflict and work collaboratively to attain success – however that is defined in any particular organisation.

This is why Brightside does not work with leaders in isolation but systemically, in relation to their teams and the boards and stakeholders to whom they are accountable for a service or a product.  Brightside believes in the importance of working within the web of relationships to which we belong, and in which we are held and sustained, if we are lucky, at work, at home and in the communities in which we live.

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