What’s behind the Brightside logo?

There is an empty space at the centre of the Brightside logo for a reason

It represents the space into which each Brightside client or team is invited to make their own, whenever we work together.

The space has a boundary line around it so that clients can step into their own sense of safe uncertainty.

To ask questions, think through dilemmas and dream dreams which may not normally see the light of day. Or even the lovely white light of a moonlit night.

The golden boxes represent intuitive, imaginative thinking and bold ideas. They are the golden nuggets which should remain and sustain long after a coaching conversation has ended.

The empty space has a defined frame around it. Brightside coaching enables clients to re frame a thought so that it can be viewed from a different perspective – seeing the same view but with new eyes. Or to arrive, as TS Eliot wrote, ‘where we began and to know the place for the first time’.

The empty space at the centre of the Brightside logo is also an invitation.

An invitation to step within its boundary into a place of safe uncertainty and make it your own for a specific period of time.

At the still point in the turning world … there the dance is.

T S Eliot, Four Quartets, Burnt Norton

An invitation to experiment, to improvise, to rehearse before leaving the empty space behind – to step back out to perform the choreographed dance of the particular organisation to which you belong.

An invitation for you to dance, at best, to a different tune.

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